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Luxon Real Estate are true customer driven agents, our job is to help buyers and sellers find/sell their perfect home in London and Essex while providing best-in-class service.

About Luxon Real Estate


A commitment to transparency.

Immersive marketing, exceptional imagery and 360 tours, an evolutionary estate agent for Essex. We empower customers, manage expectations and use awe-inspiring marketing and technology to drive the best results. In an industry not known for its integrity we do things differently, we are accountable and will be completely transparent at all times, we will always act with the utmost of integrity, the way it should be.

Luxon Real Estate are experts in Prime Real Estate

"There is a different service in central London, and its time everyone received the luxury touch! I do not allow a postcode to dictate your service, we all have the same sense of achievement and pride in our homes as anyone else and I truly believe we all deserve to be treated the same. We have the unique structure in place where we limit our instructions, we only take on a limited number of properties per agent to enable ourselves to provide the time and attention you deserve, we cannot and will not allow our time to be spread to thin, we either say no or we hire more agents.

The team at Luxon take the time to get to know each client on a one-to-one basis – we pride ourselves on understanding your needs first and foremost then executing a tailored strategy, which we believe is the key to our success. "

Craig Rose


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